Bars (per dozen)$15.95
Bread Pudding (serves 12)$25.00
Brownies (per dozen)$11.50
Brownies Stuffed (per dozen)$13.95
Brownies, Fudge (per dozen)$12.95
Cheese Cake (per slice or whole)Call for Flavors & Quote
Layer Cake (2, 4 or 7 layers)Call for Flavors & Quote
Sheet Cake - Full (96 pieces)$65.00
Sheet Cake - Half (48 pieces)$38.00
Sheet Cake - Quarter (24 pieces)$25.00
Chocolate Fountain Small - plus 3 lbs of chocolateCall for Quote
Chocolate Fountain Medium - plus 5 lbs of chocolateCall for Quote
Chocolate Fountain Large - plus 25 lbs of chocolateCall for Quote
Cookies (per dozen)$10.95
Cup Cakes (per dozen)$
Cup Cakes: Mini (per dozen)$
Flan (serves 12)$27.50
Fruit Pizza - Large$36.00
Fruit Pizza - Small$24.00
Fruit Tartlets$3.95
Fudge Lush (serves 9)$24.00
Mini Desserts Platter (per person)Call for quote
Mousse Cup$3.95
PiesCall for Flavors & Quote
Pana Cotta Shots$3.95
Strawberry, Chocolate coveredCall for quote
Strawberry Short Cake$3.95
TruffleCall for quote

If You Don't See It

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