Breakfast Ala Carte

Bagel with cream cheese$1.50
Baked Cinnamon Swirl French Toast: serves 12$27.50
Belgian Waffles with toppings: serves 12 (2 per person)$40.00
Breakfast Breads: per dozen$11.95
Caramel Rolls: per dozen$13.95
Caramelized French Toast: serves 12$27.50
Cheese Blintz: per dozen$15.95
Cinnamon Rolls: per dozen$13.95
Coffee Cake: 24 pieces$22.95
Danish: per dozen$15.95
Donut Holes: per dozen$3.50
Donuts: per dozen$15.95
Egg Strata: serves 12$30.80
Fruit Tray: per person$2.50
Fruit: Whole$1.25
Hash Browns: serves 12$15.00
Huevos Rancheros: serves 12$35.40
Meats: Bacon, Ham or Sausage: serves 12$23.40
Muffins: per dozen$13.95
Oatmeal with fixings: serves 12$39.00
Pancakes with toppings: serves 12 (3 per person)$45.00
Pascualina Egg Bake: serves 12$30.80
Pastries: per dozen$15.95
Scones: per dozen$13.95
Swiss Egg Bake: serves 12$30.80
Yogurt: individual servings$1.75
Yogurt: per person: served from bowls$1.35

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